The June 8 primaries were called “Super Tuesday” by some media outlets, but there was no super message being sent by voters nationwide. While some incumbents – particularly Republicans who voted for the TARP bailout in October 2008 – seem headed for retirement, the primaries on June 8 did not reflect the same general anti-incumbent mood of earlier primaries, perhaps in part because many of the races failed to demonstrate clear ideological distinctions and were contests between establishment candidates.

soda taxItem: Reuters reported on May 20: “New York Governor David Paterson on Thursday proposed lifting the sales tax on diet soda, while adding a new ‘sugar tax’ to full-calorie drinks, in a fresh bid to boost revenue for the cash-strapped state. The proposed tax would generate $815 million annually, a Paterson spokesman said.”

Notoriously liberal White House correspondent Helen Thomas was prompted to resign her position yesterday after a filmed interview with Rabbi David F. Nesenoff revealed Thomas’ staunchly anti-Israel stance and bias.

It won't be taken by either man as a compliment, but then it wasn't meant to be. New York Congressman Charles Rangel said that in continuing America's military presence in Iraq, Barrack Obama has come to resemble former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Since 1994, Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey has served the state’s 2nd Congressional District as it’s representative, and is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination in June 8th’s N.J. primary for a ninth term.

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