In response to the blatant attacks on the Tea Party movement by leftist groups like the NAACP and George Soros' Media Matters, Dick Armey's FreedomWorks has launched a program called Diverse Tea, “a platform and advertising campaign that will showcase diversity in the Tea Party movement.”

United States District Judge Donald Molloy's August 5 decision to restore full endangered species protection to the Canadian gray wolf in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming virtually guarantees that more people will fall victim to the proliferating and increasingly brazen predators. In addition, elk populations as well as populations of other wild ungulates (moose, deer, goats, sheep, bison) may be driven to near extinction levels in many parts of the Rocky Mountain Northwest due to wolf predation. Ranchers also have experienced a sharp increase in wolf killings of cattle and sheep, enough so that some cattlemen and sheepmen have been driven into bankruptcy.

Richard DaleyGeorge Washington was one of the greatest men in human history. This greatness had to do with his tenacity, his character, and his courage. But most of all, George Washington was a giant because he rejected power and set a precedent for American government that has been a crucial part of the goodness of America.

Thomas Woods“Push back! Push back! Push back!” the crowd of more than 350 shouted at the first Nullify Now! rally held in Ft. Worth, Texas on Saturday, Sept. 4. They were responding to GOP congressional candidate Stephen Broden of Texas as he urged the nullification of ObamaCare in his talk at the rally. Broden is running to defeat the socialist Eddie Bernice Johnson for a congressional seat in the Dallas area.

Liberals and Leftists grew weary of discrediting themselves by making false allegations of Tea Party racism and violence that were proven to be unfounded. Instead, they have created a website called (image, left), which "monitors racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement." Assuming there are incidents to be tracked, however unlikely, Tea Party Tracker "calls on the Tea Party to repudiate extremists among their ranks and join in civil dialogue with all Americans."

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