Stem-cell researchPresident Barack Obama signed an executive order on March 9 that reverses the current ban on federal funding of human embryonic stem-cell research. The move overturns an August 9, 2001 executive order issued by President George W. Bush that restricted federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research to the existing 60 cell lines derived from human embryos destroyed long ago.

People filling out forms in screened standsIt is "the biggest White House power grab ever," Sean Hannity declared on his Fox News talk show, reacting to the announcement from the president's office that the census director "would work closely with White House senior management" on next year's census. The change in administration has apparently resulted in a renewal of Hannity's outrage, which had not noticeably been aroused over White House power grabs like the Bush administration's suspension of habeas corpus and warrantless surveillance of private telephone and e-mail communications.

After all that labor unions did to help Barack Obama and other Democrats get elected in 2008, the unions are expecting some serious payback. President Obama has already issued a number of executive orders beneficial to Big Labor, such as one instructing federal agencies to favor union labor and pay union wage rates on federal contracts (thereby discriminating against the 92 percent of the private sector that is not unionized). Naturally, this drives up the cost of government, and this added financial burden will be shouldered by the American taxpayer.

Obama budgetPresident Barack Obama’s fiscal 2010 budget proposal, which carries the title "A New Era of Responsibility," actually calls for a new era of irresponsibility when it comes to adding to the national debt. Obama has made the highly publicized pledge to cut the deficit “in half, ” to $533 billion, by the end of his term, and that pledge is reflected in his new budget proposal. However, this pledge is fraught with numerical chicanery.

President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2010 budget proposal owned up to a $1.75 trillion annual deficit for fiscal 2009 (the fiscal year began last October), but considering the President's overly optimistic economic assumptions the final tally probably closer to $2 trillion. The New American reported Obama’s figure three weeks ago. The official figure doesn’t count about $150 billion that will be stolen from “trust funds” like Social Security, but it’s still quadruple the 2008 record budget deficit.

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