ACORNACORN is striking back at the young documentarians who brought the organization to its knees.

Paul KirkFrom somewhere beyond the grave, the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy still maintains a tight grip on Massachusetts politics. The state's Legislature has granted the Senator's dying wish, acting on the request he made in his final days to change state law to authorize the Governor to name an interim U.S. Senator when a vacancy occurs.

irving kristolThe man who delightedly accepted the title of neoconservatism’s “godfather” passed away on September 18 at age 89. Sad to report, the neoconservatism Irving Kristol fastened on conservative Republicans endures, and it is not good for America.

Census takerFewer of us got married, owned our own homes, drove to work alone, or moved to a new residence last year than the year before. More of us lived in overcrowded housing and suffered a decline in property values. Fewer of us are newly arrived immigrants. All of that is just part of the information released by the U.S. Census Bureau Monday in a report of its annual American Community Survey, containing what the New York Times describes as a "wealth of data comparing the nation's profile in 2008 with that of 2007."

religiousThe most recent in a series of surveys of American Religious Identification conducted by Trinity College reveals that the number of Americans with no religious identification continues to climb.