Ron PaulThe Campaign for Liberty held a regional conference on March 27-29 that was viewed as a huge gamble by participants. After all, over 10,000 people attended the rally in Minneapolis last summer that launched the constitutionalist group founded by Congressman Ron Paul. What would happen if a mere handful attend the first regional conference in St. Louis? Overheard by this writer in the registration line: “If there’s not a good showing here this weekend, the national media will have a field day declaring the Campaign for Liberty to be dead-on-arrival.”

Are you on some government list as a possible "domestic terrorist" suspect because you have exercised your First Amendment right to express opposition to a government program or a proposed piece of legislation?

-republican alternative"Two nights ago the president said, 'We haven't seen a budget yet out of Republicans.' Well, it's just not true because — here it is, Mr. President," House Minority leader Rep. John Boehner told the press March 26, holding up a blue booklet entitled The Republican Road to Recovery.

“Here it is”? No, there it wasn’t.

ServiceIn his inaugural address, President John F. Kennedy declared, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  When he uttered those words in 1961, JFK knew that America was already a nation of volunteers who gave freely of both time and money to religious, charitable, and community institutions.  Hence, he did not try to push legislation promoting altruism.

Disregarding the exponentially longer tradition of the teachings of the Catholic Church on abortion, officials at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, have elected instead to continue the much shorter tradition of having sitting presidents give the commencement address at the university’s spring graduation ceremony.