According to the Associated Press, “A group of conservative attorneys say they are on a mission from God to unseat four California judges in a rare challenge that is turning a traditionally snooze-button election into what both sides call a battle for the integrity of U.S. courts.”

Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate nominee and Tea Party hero Rand Paul made a major change to his campaign staff this week, promoting Jesse Benton to campaign manager and relegating current campaign manager David Adams to campaign chairman. Benton has served as an aide to Rand Paul's father, former presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, and is related by marriage to the family.

The rage of frustrated voters has manifested itself in a reform that could transform American politics. A June 8 California ballot question would eliminate party primaries and, instead, provide that all candidates for elective office face each other in a first round election. The two top vote getters would then meet in the general election to determine which candidate is elected.

In what appears to be a race to incorporate policies now that might not pass muster after November elections deplete Democratic majorities, on May 27 both the Senate Armed Services Committee and the full House voted to repeal the 1993 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law prohibiting homosexuals from serving openly in the U.S. military.

The federal government has decided to unconstitutionally waste more taxpayer money by demonizing and  supposedly debunking “conspiracy theories” on the State Department’s propaganda-peddling website, prompting ridicule and criticism across the world.

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