ObamaAccording to Obama, "Change has come to America." But has it really? And if so, what kind of change is it? In his 83-page "Blueprint for Change," the new president-elect proposes a myriad of ideas. Most of his plan involves more spending and, according to some experts, stepping further outside the bounds of the Constitution than ever before. His plan covers everything from healthcare, the economy, ethics, seniors, education, energy, immigration, and rural issues to poverty, service and civil rights.

Ron PaulAs part of an ongoing post-election series entitled "The 44th President," the New York Times conducted an "If You Were President ..." reader poll on November 11 asking readers to "Make your selections for President-elect Obama's cabinet by choosing the name of a potential member of the new administration from a pulldown, or entering your own pick."

Obama MediaThe Republican Party must accept much of the blame for its recent drubbing in the presidential and congressional elections. President Bush and GOP congressional leaders betrayed and alienated their party base, as well as conservative Democrats and independent swing voters by outdoing the liberal Democrats on federal spending, foreign aid, foreign interventionism, foreign wars, border security, immigration, and a host of other issues. And Senator John McCain was rightly identified with most of those discredited policies.

RepublicansFor the last eight years, the Republicans have rivaled the Democrats in making government bigger, costlier, and more intrusive. Now they have paid the price.

Rahm EmanuelRahm Emanuel may have been a ballet and dance major at Sarah Lawrence College, but in political circles Obama's choice as chief of staff is infamous as a profane "tough guy." Politicos and pundits frequently reference his reputation as a Chicago-style "enforcer" and his ready use of "sharp elbows" and "brass knuckles."

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