Robert McNamaraRobert McNamara, 93, the former secretary of defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations who's most remembered as the chief policymaker for America's involvement in Vietnam, passed away on Monday.

Tea Party 2009Doubtless I am not the only person who awoke on July 4 — Independence Day — wondering what we are independent from and if, from lack of vigilance, we have found ourselves in a situation parallel to what our Founding Fathers struggled against back in the 1770s.

Sally KernOn Thursday, July 2, State Representative Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City) and over one hundred political, religious and business leaders gathered at the Oklahoma state capitol to present the “Oklahoma Citizen’s Proclamation for Morality Petition” to the citizens of Oklahoma.

Press Secretary GibbsPresident Barack Obama entered office with a promise of increased transparency, especially regarding the media. However, veteran reporter Helen Thomas told last Wednesday that Obama is attempting to control the press and that he's going beyond what even Richard Nixon tried to do.

Al FrankenIt’s not funny, but former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken is officially the new senator from Minnesota. Franken was recently declared the winner in the long-contested Senate race by a mere 312 votes over incumbent liberal Republican Norman Coleman. Franken will become the 60th Democrat in the United States Senate, which will give congressional Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.