Ron Paul RallyTo keep alive the debate and interest he generated for fiscally sound, constitutional governance, Ron Paul held a rally across town from the GOP nominating convention.

Chuck BaldwinCountering for the Constitution. Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s candidate for the presidency, tells where he stands on the issues.

Sarah PalinFrom relative obscurity to instant celebrity in a single day, Sarah Palin vaulted into the limelight. She was immediately dubbed both a puppet and a prototype. Which is correct?

Senator ObamaSeveral days ago, Barack Obama delivered a stem-winder of a speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party for president, before a crowd of 80,000 cheering fans at Invesco stadium in Denver. On a stage specially built to resemble a Greek temple, it is not unfair to infer that the Party fully intended that the symbolism of lofty god-likeness should rub off onto the candidate. This, despite his disclaimer of having “great humility.”

Appearing on the CBS interview program Face the Nation on September 7, Senator John McCain said he would have Democrats in his cabinet if elected president.

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