EU flags outside capital in BelgiumRegional arrangements such as the EU and the proposed FTAA supposedly promote free trade, but their real purpose is to gradually merge nations into a world government.

Sumner Welles and FDRFrom the moment State Department planners in the Roosevelt administration began crafting plans for the United Nations, their goal was always the same: world government.

America can take care of her own electoral issues without being monitored by UN observers who pass judgement on our elections using their standards, not ours.

When the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations-affiliated organization, sent observers to monitor our elections on November 2, it sparked widespread criticism from conservatives.

Agents on the front lines of the war on terror have risked their careers to warn America about the corruption and culpable negligence that continue to put our nation in peril.

The two leading contenders for the U.S. presidency are both members of Skull and Bones, one of the oldest secret societies in America. Why is this not a major election-year issue?

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