At least two U.S. Senate candidates appear to have gone through a revolving door before reaching the election starting gate. U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) decided to drop his support for the controversial cap-and-trade bill to reduce carbon emissions upon entering the race for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat formerly held by Barack Obama. Kirk, frequently described as a Republican "moderate," handily won the February 2 primary over his more conservative opponent, lawyer and political newcomer Patrick Hughes.

AP's Jason Ditz has caught the Associated Press acting as stenographer (and even exaggerator) for the neo-con lobby for war with Iran, in a grossly exaggerated story entitled "Iran moves closer to nuke warhead capacity."

The Rasmussen Reports President Tracking Poll for Thursday February 11 shows that a mere 25 percent of American voters strongly approve of President Obama’s performance. Thirty-nine percent strongly disapprove, leaving 36 percent of voters somewhere in the middle.

The unrelenting attacks on Toyota are a metaphor for similar attacks on the free-market economy by its detractors.

PelosiGreen hypocrisy may be coming back to bite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. While even the most optimistic Republicans don't expect to actually see her defeated in the November elections (she does after all represent San Francisco, and has amassed a huge campaign war chest), she has probably alienated more than enough voters with her unrelenting push for nationalized healthcare legislation alone to guarantee the defeat of many Democrat House members this fall. A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey found that 69 percent of Americans polled are opposed to the House and Senate ObamaCare bills.  But Pelosi is pushing on undeterred.

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