McCain and ObamaPositive or negative media coverage can make or break a political campaign, especially in a presidential race. Both McCain and Obama have received favorable coverage, but will it continue?

Joe BidenAlthough U.S. Senator Joe Biden appears to be a "safe" choice as a running mate for presidential candidate Barack Obama, he may prove to be controversial on many fronts.

Obama at PodiumDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sells himself as being the one who will "change" the country's direction and improve our lives. But does reality match rhetoric?

Alan KeyesAlan may have the Keyes to victory, but it may be a while before he finds a way to unlock the door to the White House. The gifted orator and former diplomat has been running for president since the 1996 campaign and has yet to break into the “top tier” of candidates, despite his impassioned eloquence and compelling message. This presidential race, he failed to get traction running as a Republican, was later defeated in his attempt to win the nomination of the Constitution Party, and is now running as an Independent. He will be on the ballot in California and in a couple other states.

FDICThe two major-party presidential candidates sent the same message on September 30: both John McCain and Barack Obama advocated raising the FDIC deposit insurance limit from $100,000 to $250,000.