McClintock for Congress SupporterWhile much of the nation’s political attention this summer and fall will be focused on the presidential election, voters will once again determine the makeup of the legislative branch, electing the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. While we can’t cover all 435 House races, we offer here a brief look at a small sampling of the interesting candidates, issues, and races in this year’s elections.

Barack ObamaWhile Representatives Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, and Duncan Hunter were in the presidential race, immigration and border security were pushed to center stage.

How the front-running candidates compare when the rhetoric is peeled away.

With a letter sent to supporters on June 12, and with a speech delivered at a rally coinciding with the Texas GOP convention in Houston that same day, Congressman Ron Paul ended his campaign for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party. He did not win any primaries, but he got 24 percent of the vote in Idaho (his best showing in a primary) and about 1.2 million votes overall.

Bob BarrIt took six ballots before Bob Barr, a former four-term Republican Congressman from Georgia, won the nomination of the Libertarian Party at its Denver Convention on the Memorial Day weekend.