In the world of American business — the one practically every politician and pundit will tell you is a laissez faire environment — if one doesn’t like the terms being offered by another, the solution is not to negotiate and arrive at a compromise but to get the government to force the latter to accede to the demands of the former.

Twenty years ago, when anyone talked about an agenda that would ultimately lead to a global government, people scoffed at the possibility, ascribing it as a “conspiracy theory.” For even longer than that, The John Birch Society has been warning us about such a threat to American sovereignty, and while they’ve acquired a following of their own, most of their warnings were unheeded. Now that the United States of America is on its way to becoming the United States of the World, people are starting to pay attention, but is it too late?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) favors the offering amnesty to illegal aliens. During an address to the Asian-American and Pacific Islanders Summit on Wednesday, Pelosi informed those in attendance that she would like to see a “path to legalization” laid for those currently in this country who entered without documentation.

cigerettesThe federal agencies distributing money under the massive economic stimulus program certainly have some interesting and imaginative ways to create jobs. One of them is to help the state of Massachusetts force retailers who sell cigarettes to display signs with graphic anti-smoking images or pay fines of up to $300.

As the November 2010 elections approach, it is the sacred duty of every Constitutionalist to be aware of the differences among the various parties and factions promoting themselves as friends of the Constitution, advocates of small government, and proponents of lower taxes.

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