For a long time Americans have been under the rule of lawyers, with the belief that whatever five unelected judges on the Supreme Court say must go for 320 million citizens. But presidential candidate Ted Cruz has now challenged this status quo.

Hillary Clinton's response to a question at a New Hampshire political gathering illustrates her hypocrisy and lack of regard for the rights of all Americans, both male and female.

The U.S. attorney who prosecuted former Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver for corruption must feel like a mosquito at a nudist camp, surrounded with unlimited opportunity.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is an avowed “Democratic Socialist,” a term he endows with all positive meanings. But functionally, it’s similar to communism.

#ShoutYourAbortion is a social media campaign that encourages women to share stories about their abortions in an effort to “destigmatize” abortion. While the campaign has provoked severe criticism, the Washington Post decided to give it a front-page cover story in Monday’s “Style” section, treating abortion as if it’s this season’s trendiest fashion statement.


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