As hackers continue to penetrate the e-mail servers of high-profile members of the ruling elites and leak the contents of those servers to the public, more and more is becoming known about the actions and mindsets of the people who are in prominent positions of influence. The newest case in point is former Secretary of State Colin Powell. In a batch of e-mails hacked from Powell and published by the hacker group known only as DCLeaks, Powell discusses his trip to the infamous Bohemian Grove in July.

“We’re With Her!” From outright endorsements to covering up her innumerable scandals to hounding her opponent Donald Trump, the mainstream media (MSM) choir has shown that it is “all in” for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 collapse has raised many eyebrows and worried many allies, but it has done more than that to an ex-Secret Service agent who used to protect the Clintons — it “scares" him.

The Obama administration continues to devote taxpayer dollars to register new immigrant voters (i.e., Democratic voters) in time for the November election. After spending $19 million early this year on the registration efforts, the administration has dedicated another $10 million this month. 

As more Americans are beginning to understand where the increasingly liberal media bias is coming from, that bias could work against itself in the November elections. 

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