The fallout continues for the DNC as more and more is known about what is in the nearly 20,000 leaked e-mails released to the Web by WikiLeaks. Still reeling from the clear evidence that they manipulated events to rig the primary process in favor of Hillary Clinton, DNC leaders and staffers will now have to face the music over e-mails that show that at least some major donors were slated for federal appointments in a glaring example of quid pro quo.

A Clinton insider just said Hillary would reverse her position and come out in support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) if she’s elected president.

E-mail and Hillary Clinton: The two seem to go together like oil and water. Whenever the two appear together in an article — much less the same sentence — there is bound to be scandal. Now, as Clinton approaches the official announcement of her nomination as the Democrat candidate in the upcoming presidential race, scandal is once again afoot. This e-mail scandal, though, appears to run through the very center of the DNC.


Senator Michael Bennet is a reliable vote for President Obama’s agenda, even defying many Democrats in the process.

A Hillary Clinton delegate from California told an undercover journalist from Project Veritas that there is no doubt that Clinton intends to confiscate all guns from Americans by lying to Americans.

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