As Congress once again prepares to increase the government’s borrowing authority above the already-absurd $18.1 trillion cap and avoid a federal default, the time is long overdue to call lawmakers out on the carpet over federal spending. According to the Monthly Treasury Statement, released on September 11, the federal government received a record $2 trillion ($2,883,250,000,000) in tax revenues in the first 11 months of fiscal 2015, approximately $19,346 for every person in the country who had either a full-time or part-time job in the same period. Why then does the spending cap need to be raised once again?

The federal government, in addition to militarizing police through the dispersal of military hardware, is bribing and coercing departments to follow federal edicts.

Results of YouGov poll seem to suggest that a significant number of Americans would support a military takeover of the civil government.

The billionaire progressive has been bankrolling hundreds of activist groups, many of which are inciting racial turmoil and fomenting riots.

With little to no evidence they were correct, and despite the known dangers, mainstream media cultivated riots by blaming white privilege for black problems.

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