Because Republican bigwigs have changed rules in the past to favor one candidate over another, there is at least a chance they will do it again to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination.

It's not your grandfather's Democrat Party anymore. In fact, it's not even your father's party anymore. With the powerful Democratic Party Platform Committee featuring a number of prominent socialists and communists, the Democrat Party's draft platform has moved further toward full-blown extremism and totalitarianism than ever before. Indeed, the proposed platform now includes an unprecedented array of extreme anti-constitutional proposals practically guaranteed to alienate mainstream Americans — at least if the public finds out.

Senator Rand Paul is asking for signatures on a petition aimed at requiring the Department of Justice to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her mishandling of classified information.

Representative Justin Amash spearheaded the successful opposition of a bipartisan bill that would have required banks to report suspicious activity to the federal government.

A federal judge has ruled that Virginia state law cannot dictate that political parties bind their delegates, but such action must be left up to the parties themselves.

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