Conventional wisdom says that Donald Trump is a flash in the political pan. Conventional wisdom says he can’t actually win the GOP nomination. But sometimes conventional wisdom is wrong.

The first of 12 planned 2016 Republican presidential candidates debates — hosted by Fox News, Facebook, and the Ohio Republican Party — was held in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 6, providing the top-polling candidates with an opportunity to square off and make themselves and their positions known.


Huma Abedin is just one more piece of unsavory baggage that candidate Hillary Clinton must tote around with her in her quest to become the nation's chief executive in 2017. 

A bill to prohibit federal funding of Planned Parenthood may have failed to advance in the Senate on August 3 but Senator Rand Paul has not given up his quest to find other ways to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.


On August 3, the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to pass legislation to reverse a controversial decision made on July 20 by the Justice Department regarding access by Inspectors General to sensitive information. 

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