University of Mississippi student senators voted on October 20 in favor of a resolution asking the university to remove from campus the Mississippi state flag, which includes the Confederate battle flag as part of its design.

On Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders shocked Twitter users when he tweeted words of praise regarding China’s maternity leave policy, using it as an opportunity to take a shot at the United States.

The path through the speaker's chair runs through the Freedom Caucus — but Paul Ryan wants a guarantee that as speaker, he will have powers that John Boehner did not enjoy, including the power not to have his office challenged in mid-term.

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton appeared to be for a gun ban before she was against it — all within the space of a few days.

"Clock Boy" Ahmed Mohamed was still able to visit the White House last night, even though he has met with a war criminal and his "clock" story has been shown to be false.

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