A swarm of hundreds of United Nations-linked “international election monitors,” many of them hailing from nations ruled by repressive dictatorships, will descend on the United States this year to supervise and "monitor" America's elections. The horde of international bureaucrats for the November elections will be 10 times larger — and probably even more controversial — than the smaller “monitoring” mission that sparked a national uproar in 2012. Last time around, Texas even threatened to arrest them, and for good reason.

With politically connected investment companies standing to profit handsomely from Puerto Rico's junk bonds if the U.S. taxpayer bails out Puerto Rico, a U.S. government "oversight" board will likely recommend a full-blown bail out of Puerto Rico.

Anti-establishment conservatives of all stripes — from the nationalist “alt-right” at Breitbart to the liberty-minded anti-globalist Infowars media empire — were apparently delighted with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her latest anti-Donald Trump screed. In her bizarre speech Thursday attempting to demonize huge swaths of the American public as racists and paranoid conspiracy theorists, Clinton sounded almost unhinged. But it may all backfire.

For Clinton’s media pals, her delivery of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia is not news. But new documents may force the issue.

For voters who want abject socialism — with government laws dictating public projects, work and cultural controls, and anything deemed “environmental” — the Green Party is for you.

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