Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s continued condemnations of former President George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003 have irritated many of his political opponents, including Bush’s younger brother and Trump’s rival for the Republican nomination, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Going into South Carolina's primary on Saturday, Bush, despite spending millions, is tied with John Kasich for fourth. If the media is writing off Jeb’s campaign, can Jeb himself be far behind?

Republican candidate Donald Trump is threatening to sue fellow Republican hopeful Ted Cruz. A look at the businessman's record reveals that this is nothing new, raising the question of what he is hoping to accomplish.

After the GOP Senate leadership and most presidential candidates voiced strong opposition to the prospect of President Obama selecting a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, some Republicans are open to at least giving an Obama nominee a hearing.

America has not had a draft since 1973. Has the time come to abolish the Selective Service?


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