California's new voter registration law will add even more uninformed persons to their voter rolls, which illustrates yet another reason we need to keep the Electoral College.

Gun-control advocates have now zeroed in on using the notoriously inaccurate "no-fly" list, constructed with no constitutional safeguards, as the latest tool to restrict our rights to keep and bear arms.

Julian Assange and the Russian government claim to have e-mails that could secure the indictment of Hillary Clinton on charges of violating federal law.

Donald Trump's revocation of the Washington Post's press credentials serves at least two purposes: 1) It proves that Trump is his own man, and 2) he thinks the media lies.

Senator Lisa Ann Murkowski of Alaska is portrayed by the liberal press as a “moderate Republican,” in contrast to the “conservative” label typically associated with most members of her party. But let's take a look at her voting record to see how "moderate" she actually is.

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