The investigation into last year’s controversial closing of lanes near the George Washington Bridge (connecting New Jersey and New York across the Hudson River) has found that no conclusion can be made as to whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was aware of the plot to close the lanes. The investigation’s draft report, prepared by outside counsel, is scheduled to be formally released to the public following a meeting on Monday.

The Bush family has long ties with the power elites of the United States, going back to Jeb Bush's great-grandfather, Samuel Prescott Bush.



In what has been called a shocking example of a call to vote fraud, the father of Mary Landrieu's chief of staff has been caught on video encouraging Democrat Louisianans to "vote twice."

The Internal Revenue Service finds itself at the center of yet another scandal, this time improperly disclosing taxpayers' information to the White House.

President Obama announced a massive new federal spending program by executive decree on December 1. The program would create an expensive new federal aid program for local police agencies to buy mounted cameras.

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