The first Republican presidential debate following the Super Tuesday primaries was held in Detroit on March 3, with the four remaining active candidates — especially frontrunner Donald Trump — often putting on more of a theatrical performance than engaging in a serious political debate. 

Speaking calmly, yet forcefully, at the Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on March 3, former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney attacked business magnate Donald Trump’s qualifications to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

If Trump makes it onto the stage with Clinton in a presidential showdown, it could get bloody early.

While it was not surprising, given the results of numerous polls, that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and business magnate Donald Trump won most of the Super Tuesday primary contests, none of the other candidates has announced that they are withdrawing from the presidential race. 

Economist Lawrence Summers, Obama’s top economic advisor and a veteran globalist and Wall Street insider, disparaged Donald Trump, saying he was a danger to “the rule of law” and “democracy.”