Hillary Clinton described Donald Trump's pro-gun policy statements as "dangerous." Both candidates, however, fall short of the constitutional standard.

The battle over S.B. 1552 — Oklahoma's controversial pro-life legislation vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin — may have run its course for this year, but it is far from over. While the Senate adjourned early Friday afternoon without voting for an override, leaving Governor Fallin's veto intact, Senator Natham Dahm (R-Broken Arrow) has said he plans to reintroduce the popular bill again next year.


Is Congressman Paul Ryan a RINO — Republican in name only? Or is he instead a committed champion of the conservative agenda in his role as speaker of the house? The following article sheds light on how conservative Ryan actually is by surveying his public record, including key votes he has cast.

Bill Clinton is basking in praise from a surprising source — his former prosecutor Ken Starr.



A few influential groups have guided American foreign policy for many decades. Now that Trump is the presumed Republican candidate, they’re working to toss him or turn him.