When Virginia Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe announced on April 22 that he was restoring the civil rights — including voting rights — of 206,000 convicted felons, he must have expected some pushback from Republican lawmakers. After all, the felons include violent and repeat offenders. But did he anticipate the extent of the pushback, with one Republican lawmaker pointing out that the governor's executive order violates the state constitution? Governor McAuliffe responded by telling Republicans to “quit complaining.”

Despite threats from the Obama administration, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has opted to protect the people of his state, by refusing to cooperate with the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

By a close 32-30 vote, the House Armed Services Committee approved a bill on April 27 that would require women to register for the draft, but the bill’s sponsor, Representative Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) voted against the measure.

The statute of limitations is up on former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's criminal child sexual abuse. But what of the child sexual abuse that, even when committed today, cannot be prosecuted?  

Ted Cruz's decision to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate could best be characterized as a last gasp, desperation move to keep his campaign from cratering in Indiana next Tuesday. 

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