NBC “moderator” Lester Holt was the third debater in a blatantly biased performance that repeatedly challenged and interrupted Trump, while serving creampuffs to Clinton.

Friday evening in the town of Burlington, Washington a gunman walked into Macy’s at the Cascade Mall and opened fire. The shooting lasted a mere 60 seconds and left five people dead.

Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) has introduced S. 3379, the “Surface Transportation and Maritime Security Act,” which would establish within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) the “Surface Transportation and Maritime Security Advisory Committee.”

Statistics from the FBI’s report Crime in the United States, 2015, released September 25, confirm previous reports that the long decline in violent crime has ended.

The Obama-UN refugee summit extravaganza was bracketed with bombings, shootings, and mass murder — both before and after the summit events, and on both coasts as well as in America's heartland.

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