On Monday, the Senate voted to advance a bipartisan spending bill to fund the government beyond September 30 and avoid a shutdown. The measure, which requires final approval by both the Senate and the House, would keep the federal government funded through December 11.






Large sums of money from brick-and-mortar gambling establishments are generating impetus for an anti-online gambling bill, which could set precedent for banning the sale of guns and ammunition online.

Residents of four states that have refused to implement REAL ID for driver's licenses may not be allowed to fly or to enter certain federal buildings come January.

Congressman Tom Cole (R-Okla.) calls GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-Texas) classless, tasteless, and counterproductive for criticizing John Boehner.

As the drone war expands in Africa and Syria, the Department of Defense is finding that some of the pilots pulling the triggers on the unmanned vehicles are having a hard time dealing with the stress of summary executions.

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