A stumbling startup organization called Trump Card LLC could end up being a threat to Trump and a warning to other candidates inclined to challenge the establishment GOP as it attempts to collect money for Trump attack ads.

UnitedHealth Group, the nation's largest health insurer, announced recently that it is considering withdrawing from the ObamaCare exchanges because of heavy losses.

When Edward Snowden released a trove of documents in 2013 revealing the depth and breadth of NSA surveillance of Americans, the agency admitted that it previously had a program that captured information about citizens' e-mails, but claimed it had discontinued the program in 2011. Now, newly released documents shows that — par for the course — the agency was telling half the truth. The same surveillance has continued all along under a subsequent program.


Former CIA Director James Woolsey blames Edward Snowden for the Paris attacks, recommending he should be executed as a traitor.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave another speech defending "democratic socialism," touting it as the cure for America's growing inequalities of wealth and opportunity. But socialism is the reason for such problems, not the solution.

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