The walk back to full enjoyment of the Second Amendment is a long one, taken one step at a time. This bill, if passed, would lower hurdles to buying a suppressor and be one of those steps.

With less than a week left of Obama’s presidency, a coalition of organizations has collected more than a million signatures on a petition urging Obama to issue a full pardon to Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who revealed the size and scope of the surveillance conducted by the NSA and other federal agencies. Snowden fled the country and has lived in exile in Russia since May of 2013. If pardoned, he could return to American soil a hero to many.

In the wake of being called out by President-elect Trump as a "fake news" organization, CNN is still up to its old tricks. In a report following Trump's press conference, the liberal mainstream network went to great lengths to take Trump's words about Russian hacking out of context.

Media organizations having spent weeks attempting to validate the outrageous claims in the leaked "dossier" on Trump. Yet time and again, point by point, the “dossier” has been shown to have glaring falsehoods.

Donald Trump once enjoyed a fairly friendly relationship with the mainstream media. Then he ran for president. As a Republican. On an “America First” platform. The relationship soured quickly. As bad as Candidate Trump’s relationship with media was, President-elect Trump’s relationship with media is worse. It appears that some media organizations are willing to risk everything in an effort to bring him down.

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