The ruling by a Massachusetts Superior Court that the state's attorney general may demand "safety" information from Glock and Remington allows anti-gun Attorney General Maura Healey's witch hunt to continue.

Incredible pre-Election Day scandal tsunami includes occult, Satanism, child sex trafficking, along with a profusion of pay-for-play (bribery) charges, as well as national security compromises and corruption charges too numerous to mention.

Billionaire globalist George Soros has been dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into manipulating American elections in recent years, leaked documents show. While many critics have focused on his indirect links to a controversial voting-machine company, his electoral scheming goes much deeper, as a review of the documents by PJ Media shows. Rather than tampering with the outcome of particular elections, leaks from Soros' Open Society apparatus show he has far greater ambitions. Basically, he is seeking to “fundamentally transform America,” as Obama put it, by changing and manipulating the American electorate into supporting globalism, statism, collectivism, and his legions of radical politicians and elected officials. Soros, a self-described atheist, has also been exposed seeking to corrupt Christianity with his radical anti-Christian views. But as awareness of the scheming spreads, the Soros brand is becoming increasingly toxic among Americans from all walks of life.

Former President Bill Clinton said that 84 percent of the American people, after inflation, have not had a raise of one cent since the financial crash of 2007-2008, and that middle-class whites are now dying sooner.

The solution to our debt crisis is for “We the People” to take our Republic back from the special interests by educating voters to enforce the Constitution, not by adding a Balanced Budget Amendment via an Article V convention.

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