"I never sent or received any e-mail that was deemed classified, that was marked classified." Hillary Clinton has repeated that claim in several different ways since the beginning of the scandal that may put her in jail and will at least almost certainly dash her hopes of ever re-occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While the evidence to the contrary begins to stack up, she just repeats the denial.

As the concept of birthright citizenship becomes a much-talked-about issue in the 2016 presidential campaign, media pundits have discussed several aspects of the practice, including its economic costs, which are impacted by the higher-than-average birthrates of the women involved.

On Tuesday, the Center for Medical Progress released an eighth video in a series of undercover videos highlighting the barbarity of fetal organ harvesting by Planned Parenthood. Tuesday’s video shows StemExpress’ CEO Cate Dyer discussing the sales of “intact specimens,” which are “likely to be born-alive infant[s],” and highlights the magnitude of StemExpress’ demand for fetal parts.

Presidentail candidate Jeb Bush, with an eye towards not alienating Hispanic voters, said his use of the term “anchor baby” was meant to apply mostly to Asians who abuse the  “noble concept.”

Will putting women in combat mean lower standards and a price for political correctness paid in blood?