Perhaps in an effort to help balance out all the unconstitutional foreign aid showered on hostile regimes and anti-Israel United Nations bureaucracies, the Obama administration just signed an agreement purporting to commit American taxpayers to the largest military aid package in U.S. history.

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma has introduced a bill that would punish abortionists who end the life of an unborn baby by means of tearing it limb from limb. Though the Guttmacher Institute asserts that 88 percent of abortions in America take place in the first trimester, the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act would impact 95 percent of abortions that take place in the second trimester.  

The Gallup Poll notes that Republicans have little trust in the accurate reporting of the mass media. Is it any wonder?

Further evidence of America’s failed foreign policy is highlighted in a new report by the "Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction" (SIGAR). The report indicates that the U.S. government’s failure to identify and combat corruption allowed American aid to fuel the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. The report contends that the corruption ultimately resulted in widespread disenchantment amongst the Afghani people and increased support for the insurgents’ cause, thereby undermining the very goals the United States hoped to achieve when it first launched the invasion in 2001.

VIDEO - DHS's rebranded mission statement appears to be nothing more than a PR move, despite it being contrived of submissions by thousands of field agents.

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