Mitt Romney's charismatic former vice-presidential running mate Paul Ryan is now being promoted as the the best candidate for speaker of the House. But will he change the way House Republicans do business?

Last month, the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team published its first annual report on the effectiveness of behavioral science to achieve policy change. President Obama has been an advocate of using behavioral psychology on citizens for the purposes of policymaking, despite criticisms from notable individuals such as Bill Shughart, professor of public choice at Utah State University, who argue that the behaviorists “are saying that you, consumer, are stupid.” And despite the use of taxpayer dollars to fund this unconstitutional and downright frightening team, the findings were not exactly monumental.



Ted Cruz has chosen several Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and neocon notables to be his foreign policy advisors.

In a veto-proof vote, the Senate has approved the 2016 NDAA, including nearly $1 billion to arm and train Syrian and Ukrainian militias.

The New York Police Department is using vans equipped with X-ray scanners to secretly search vehicles, and it won't release any information about them.