Siding with President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner has brought down the hammer on “rebel” Republicans who voted their consciences and bucked “the team” on TPA (Fast Track) and TAA.

The Trade Promotion Authority bill would give the president power to enforce the UN's Arms Trade Treaty, which if implemented would undo the protections provided by the Second Amendment.

The federal government continues to reach far beyond its constitutional parameters by proposing regulations to increase diversity in wealthy neighborhoods. Officials at the Department of Housing and Urban Development argue that a new rule entitled “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” would simply clarify obligations under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, but critics view it as another example of federal overreach.

The federal government is storing large amounts of personal information about users in perpetuity, raising serious privacy concerns.

If feelings are enough to justify living as a member of the opposite sex, aren't they also enough to justify living as a member of a different race?