During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Transportation Security Administration whistleblowers described a culture of “fear and mistrust” at the agency, where they were discouraged from raising policy concerns, including TSA PreCheck, which permits expedited screening for passengers. Tuesday’s testimony added further fuel to criticisms of the agency.



Increasingly in America, it's not what you say that gets you in trouble, but who you are when you say it.

The huge surge of illegal aliens that crossed the southern U.S. border last spring and early summer and then went into temporary decline is showing signs of being on the rise once more.


HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is the mob's bank, providing "specialty services" such as money-laundering and terrorist funding, and it's making moves to be more profitable.

With a possible loss in the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the national subsidies in ObamaCare, President Obama is arguing that he is the one on moral high ground.