The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to consider a bill that would make jury nullification a part of the state's criminal code.

Reports indicate that the Obama administration, labor unions, and George-Soros linked non-governmental organizations are encouraging legal aliens to become naturalized citizens ahead of the elections. The agenda behind the push appears to be to defeat Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders rightly claims that Clinton’s proposal to allow gun makers and sellers to be sued whenever one of their firearms is used to harm someone is an attempt to end all gun manufacturing and gun sales in the United States.

Some critics say that vote fraud has resulted in stolen elections, while others shrug the problem off as negligible at worst. But a new analysis of 2016 primary voting trends indicates, many analysts insist, that ballot fraud’s magnitude may be quite staggering. 

Close just may be close enough for Trump to win the GOP presidential nomination in Cleveland in July on the first ballot.