A county clerk in Kentucky is taking a stand against the unconstitutional Obergefell ruling by refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all. Unfortunately, she's just doing the job American governors won't do.

Is Social Security worth saving? No. But it needs to go on life support long enough to accomplish a phase-out.

After the “racial incidents” in Ferguson and Baltimore, left-wing activists demanded that police be equipped with audio and video equipment. Now many have been, and the truth is coming out: Most accusations of racial abuse made against police are bunk.

Officials in Huntington Park, California, a city of 58,000 people in Los Angeles County, announced on August 3 that they would appoint two illegal aliens as commissioners on city advisory boards.


The Seattle City Council voted unanimously on Monday to approve a new gun tax and regulations on firearms and ammunition sold in the city. Despite evidence to the contrary, supporters contend the tax will serve as a deterrent to criminals interested in obtaining a firearm.