While the mainstream media focuses on the latest Trump comment, the actions of the Clintons go largely unreported.

A former NSA whistleblower recently asserted — with convincing evidence — that the FBI has access to the more than 30,000 e-mails Hillary Clinton deleted before turning over her server. Since the NSA vacuums up all Internet traffic and Hillary didn’t bother to encrypt her e-mails, the FBI could simply access that database as it has countless times before. Her e-mails are not lost; they are merely hidden.


Outrage is growing nationwide, and especially in Congress, after the Obama administration was exposed paying what is alleged to be an illegal $400 million cash ransom to the totalitarian Islamist rulers of Iran in exchange for four captured Americans. Republican lawmakers blasted the White House, saying the supposed appeasement of the Iranian mullahs would put Americans at greater risk of kidnapping around the world, as hostile regimes and terror groups seek to extort U.S. taxpayers. Iranian officials quoted in media reports also described the secret payment as a “ransom.” The Obama administration fired back, though, saying the huge cash shipment to Iranian authorities right around the time the prisoners were released was not in any way related to the handing over of four detained Americans.

A pro-ISIS hacking collective known as the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), which has a history of posting online “kill lists,” posted a hit list on July 25 with the names of 700 U.S. Army soldiers.

VIDEO - Andy Ramirez shares Border Patrol reaction to Mark Morgan who was recently named chief of CBP. The National Border Patrol Council also issued a statement on the hire and shared their disappointment in the move.

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