The Supreme Court refused to hear a Washington State case, leaving in place the 9th Circuit ruling that the state may require pharmacies to fill an emergency contraceptive drug, regardless of the owners' religious objections.

A nightclub shooting in South Carolina turned out quite differently from the massacre in Orlando — because a good man in the South Carolina nightclub also had a gun.

Play Misty for me? This could appear the message of the Utah and Colorado Democrat voters who just scored historical firsts invnominating“transgender” candidates for congressional seats. And if that isn’t strange enough, both politicians are named Misty.

More government "oversight" is the last thing Puerto Rico needs, but that's what it is getting to aid its financial woes. What it needs instead is less government, not more. 

Speaking at the Alumisource manufacturing plant in Monessen, Pennsylvania, on June 28, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump outlined his plan to “Make America Great Again,” focusing on globalization, which he blamed for “moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to Mexico and overseas.”