The Obama administration announced on July 26 that it will expand in-country refugee processing for migrants who want to come to the United States from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and will also participate in transferring some refugees to a temporary transit shelter in Costa Rica for processing.

What do you get when you statutorily rape teenage boys? If you’re “homosexual rights activist” Harvey Milk, the answer is a U.S. Navy ship named in your honor.

Some activists in the “City of Brotherly Love” clearly have a very narrow view of who their brothers are, as they ordered white supporters and media to the back of the crowd at a Tuesday demonstration approximately four miles from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

A new law in Illinois will prevent law enforcement from using Stingray devices without first obtaining a court order.

According to the media spin, Donald Trump called on Russia Wednesday to hack Hillary's e-mails. But the media characteration makes no sense, considering Hillary's private server is no longer in use.

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