A Texas grand jury last week might have set a precedent when it decided not to indict a marijuana grower who shot and killed a deputy sheriff during an early-morning raid on the man’s home.

A federal judge Wednesday ruled unconstitutional a collection of federal restrictions on the interstate transfer of handguns.

The House of Representatives voted 270 to 152 on Wednesday in favor of the Keystone XL oil pipeline legislation. However, without the necessary two-thirds majority, or 281 votes, it is likely President Obama will veto the bill, setting the stage for the first veto showdown between Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress. Representative Justin Amash of Michigan was the only Republican to vote against the legislation, citing concerns over the bill’s “cronyism.”

A radical atheist killed three Muslims in North Carolina. Now authorities are wondering if the act was a hate crime. But should such a designation even exist?

If Jeb Bush fails to nail down next year’s GOP presidential nomination, it won’t be from a shortage of cash.