The 11 candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination who are currently leading in the polls gathered at the Air Force One Pavilion of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, on September 16. They were there to take part in the second debate of the 2016 election campaign, an event hosted this time by CNN.


For the second time in two weeks, a fast-food restaurant has denied service to customers simply because they are police officers, underscoring once more that stereotyping comes in all forms.

Is it possible to truly understand the inherent difficulties and dangers of police work without looking at it through the eyes of those who wear a badge?

Ten years ago the Supreme Court ruled that "public use" included "economic development." Another Connecticut case might give them a chance to change their minds.


Police brutality happens. False charges about police abuses happen more often — and provide fodder for bad elements to exploit. Yet the abuse and the lies can be minimized.