The federal government is storing large amounts of personal information about users in perpetuity, raising serious privacy concerns.

If feelings are enough to justify living as a member of the opposite sex, aren't they also enough to justify living as a member of a different race?

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian-born chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox, which owns the Fox News Channel, plans next week to ask the board of the corporation he heads to install his younger son, James, as chief executive. Murdoch also intends to have his older son, Lachlan, assume an operational role as Fox’s executive co-chairman, where he will work in collaboration with him and James.


Michael Eitel, the murderer of Carol Browne of Berlin Township, New Jersey, was enabled by anti-gun state politicians to know that his victim would be unarmed.

U.S. District Court Judge Julie Robinson punted last week on the Brady Campaign’s lawsuit against Kansas’ Second Amendment Protection Act by declaring that the Brady Campaign lacked standing to bring the suit in the first place. And well she might have considering the weighty and controversial issues involved. by Bob Adelmann