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A victory for the guarantee of privacy under the Fourth Amendment was claimed by the ACLU in its lawsuit against the DEA's administrative subpoenas in Oregon.

The state legislatures of Missouri and Arizona are considering bills nullifying federal attempts to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.




The U.S. Postal Service has posted a request to purchase “assorted small arms ammunition.” Although the exact amount of the USPS purchase is not made clear in its request, billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent by several federal agencies to buy several billion rounds of ammunition.

Senator Rand Paul has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the NSA's collection of metadata.

As a growing cloud of perpetual mega-scandal continues to swirl around the embattled Internal Revenue Service, an IRS insider who has worked as an attorney at the tax agency’s Office of the General Counsel for over 26 years is now blowing the whistle on what he says is systemic, massive corruption as well as routine abuse of taxpayers. In an explosive exposé posted on the Power Line blog, William Henck accused the agency — currently under fire for targeting political groups the Obama administration disagrees with — of embezzlement, bullying elderly taxpayers, retaliatory audits, scams, and more.



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