The Constitution Party bases its positions on morals, the Constitution, and increased opportunities for all Americans.

 The mainstream media may be confused, but Trump's supporters are not: His campaign rests on exiting layers of government.  By Bob Adelmann

In what analysts are suggesting is highly suspicious, establishment voices want American intelligence agencies to feed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “fake” briefings. As the Republican and Democrat nominees begin receiving classified intelligence briefings, questions surrounding the accuracy and completeness of the information Trump is getting may indeed be warranted. For one, top officials and prominent voices, including Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, have openly and repeatedly called for intelligence agencies to supply “fake” briefings to the Republican nominee.

Recent opinion polls conducted around the world and in the United States found that the majority of people are opposed to the present large-scale levels of immigration.

The Libertarian Party usually stakes out positions advocating reduced government spending and minimized moral edicts. This year’s presidential duo is doing the same.

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