Why employ a supposedly clever move in the House Ways and Means Committee to repeal the ObamaCare healthcare law, as opposed to submitting a stand-alone bill for repeal? Why pass legislation that addresses only part of the problem and then attach it to other legislation? Why not use popular support to force a Senate vote on repealing ObamaCare? The American people are fed up with ObamaCare and want it repealed in its entirety.




Speaking at a Leaders Summit on Peacekeeping held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on September 28, President Obama received pledges from more than 50 countries for 40,000 troops for UN “peacekeeping” forces.

It was another near miss for Congress, as the House and Senate managed yesterday, with just hours to spare, to pass a spending bill to fund the federal government past midnight.

Diversity for thee but not for me, seems to be the leftist message. At least that’s the takeaway from a little incident in Brooklyn, NYC, which a writer is calling “the Capitol of Liberal Hypocrisy.”


On Monday, the Senate voted to advance a bipartisan spending bill to fund the government beyond September 30 and avoid a shutdown. The measure, which requires final approval by both the Senate and the House, would keep the federal government funded through December 11.






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