Oklahoma is now one step away from criminalizing abortion statewide.

In Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, husband Bill was once thought to be her ace in the hole. Now he’s starting to seem more like a shovel used to dig her into a deeper hole. And this reality was on stark display when Donald Trump raised the matter of the rape accusations that have long dogged Bill Clinton — and that have been used to paint Hillary as a sexual predator’s enabler.

Former Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who has been trying since 2003 to get 28 classified pages of the famous 9/11 Commission Report released, has gone on national news programs frequently in recent weeks to make his point.

The New York Board of Regents has voted to approve applications from illegal aliens to teach and practice medicine. Students qualifying under DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — are now eligible to submit applications to the state’s licensing board after Tuesday’s vote.

The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Jason Chaffetz, introduced a resolution to censure IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for misconduct while IRS head.

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