Much of the tension in congressional debate on a Continuing Resolution spending bill has surrounded funding for Planned Parenthood, which is the subject of controversy as a result of recently released videos revealing the organization’s participation in a organ harvesting scheme. It now appears that a clean Continuing Resolution will be passed, absent of riders to defund the organization. As a result, Republicans are looking to create a special panel to investigate Planned Parenthood instead. GOP leadership believes that the panel’s findings could lend weight to the efforts to defund the pro-abortion organization.

If current trends continue, by 2055 Asians will have surpassed Hispanics as the largest group of immigrants entering the United States, according to a new immigration study released on September 28 by the Pew Research Center.

A recent poll by Rasmussen revealed that 52 percent of Americans now oppose government-mandated health insurance, the highest it’s been since a December 2013 poll.





ObamaCare has failed to reduce insurance premiums, while deductibles are rising sharply, sometimes causing people to skimp on necessary care.

President Obama has developed several programs designed to "nudge" Americans into greater dependence on the federal government.

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