In refusing to accede to the taxi cartel's demand that government protect the cartel's monopoly status, Judge Richard Posner gave a much-needed and heartening defense of free markets.

In January the FBI made public that they were no longer processing appeals for those wishing to buy firearms who were wrongfully caught in the government net either because of errors, inaccuracies, confusion over spellings, or for other reasons.

A large number of controversial and important items relative to the upcoming election were released Friday. Almost all of them dealt with the corruption, double-dealing, and dishonesty of Hillary Clinton. But one of them was the inflammatory video of Donald Trump discussing his views on women as objects of sexual prey. The mainstream media has largely ignored the lion’s share of the releases (dealing with Hillary) to focus on the 11-year-old, three-minute-long video of Donald Trump expressing a lowbrow, Neanderthalic attitude toward women, when he was recorded on a live mike without his knowledge.

In an op-ed, President Obama declared that "we cannot tolerate a politically motivated, willfully negligent vacancy on the Supreme Court,"

As yet another insurer announces plans to withdraw from a state healthcare exchange, the time has never been better to pull the plug on ObamaCare.

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