A leading German spy chief again confirmed that the terrorist group-cum-caliphate Islamic States has succeeded in sneaking hit squads and sleeper cells into Germany.

A man who was arrested in Ohio and charged with conspiring to assist ISIS, claims that some of his jihadist “brothers” are based just south of El Paso in Mexico.

Trump told a Newsmax TV host, “We want a moderator that’s going to be fair. If we have a fair moderator, then it’s going to be wonderful.” Trump’s caution concerning just who will be the debate moderator appears to be warranted, as it is clear that the mainstream media dislikes Trump.

After Trump commented that Second Amendment supporters could stop Hillary from enacting gun control measures, all liberal media sources have said he encouraged violence.

Echoing past statements on the subject, Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump called President Obama and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton the “founders” of the Islamic State, or ISIS, in Thursday speeches. The Obama administration and the Clinton camp immediately fired back. But while “co-founders” might have been a better term — they did not act alone and had many allies — official documents, top administration officials including Vice President Joe Biden, and vast amounts of evidence show that the Obama administration and Obama's misnamed “anti-ISIS” coalition were actually responsible for arming, training, and funding ISIS.

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