Pro-life leaders have challenged the candidacy of Donald Trump in Iowa, saying the next president will likely appoint several Supreme Court justices and that Trump can't be trusted. Will it make a difference?

One less criminal for the Colorado justice system to worry about. The homeowner will likely be charged with a lesser crime instead of first-degree murder. 

Following the (heavily redacted) release of more than 80 percent of the e-mails from her private server and a letter the intelligence community inspector sent to high-ranking lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Hillary Clinton may soon face criminal charges, according to former U.S. House Majority leader Tom DeLay.

Must we fight mother nature as well as the enemy?

Hopes that the occupation of the Wildlife Refuge in Oregon would end peacefully have been dashed; an eyewitness says Finicum was murdered with his hands in the air, showing he was not being aggressive.

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