Liberal media bias has long been an open secret. But now it’s so bad that even a liberal mainstream newspaper notes that, in an effort to destroy Donald Trump, the media have jumped the shark. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan appears to be running scared in his reelection campaign, avoiding public debates and public appearances where concerned citizens might ask him hard questions.

Khizr Khan, the Pakistani-born lawyer (and “gold star father”) who received national attention following his speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention, during which he attacked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by name, has a history of defending Sharia — the Islamic legal system — going back as far as 1983.

While the mainstream media focuses on the latest Trump comment, the actions of the Clintons go largely unreported.

A former NSA whistleblower recently asserted — with convincing evidence — that the FBI has access to the more than 30,000 e-mails Hillary Clinton deleted before turning over her server. Since the NSA vacuums up all Internet traffic and Hillary didn’t bother to encrypt her e-mails, the FBI could simply access that database as it has countless times before. Her e-mails are not lost; they are merely hidden.


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