Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said there is "a lot of concern among a lot of the African American leaders here" about Al Sharpton’s presence in the town.

Under the guise of fighting the threat it helped create, the Obama administration is again putting American lives and treasure at risk in violation of the Constitution.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke won his primary election on Tuesday over Bloomberg-supported Chris Moews, a Milwaukee police lieutenant.




By selectively applying journalistic reporting standards, the media quite successfully beats the drum of Republican scandal while suppressing news that would damage Democrats.

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt,” said columnist Erma Bombeck. On Monday, comedian and Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winner Robin Williams, finding himself lost on the wrong side of that line, hanged himself after a long bout with depression. It was an end that shocked and saddened many fans but that was also sadly stereotypical, giving weight to the claim that comedians ply their playful trade to cover up or deal with pain.

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