A ballot initiative in Colorado would replace ObamaCare with what supporters are calling ColoradoCare — and double the state's budget in the first year.

During a CBS News 60 Minutes program aired on April 10 called “28 Pages,” correspondent Bob Kroft asked former Democrat Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham about whether he thinks that 28 pages of the famous 9/11 Commission Report should be declassified. 

On Thursday Judge Barbara Bellis of the Superior Court in Fairfield, Connecticut, ruled that the families of the Sandy Hook victims could move forward in their lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used in the tragic shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. The judge's controversial ruling failed to examine the credibility of the plaintiffs' claims, instead focusing on whether the court has jurisdiction in the case.


"A chicken-hearted poitician in every office and a boy in every girls' locker room." Could this be presidential contender John Kasich's new campaign slogan? 

On Tuesday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory caved to pressure from big businesses and the LGBT community and signed an executive order to change the state’s recently passed LGBT law that barred local governments from extending protections to gay and transgender individuals and mandated that individuals use bathrooms based on the biological sex that appears on their birth certificates. Unfortunately for the governor, the order failed to appease the law's critics and has provoked criticism from the law's supporters.

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