Since the devastating attacks on September 11, Americans maintained one ultimate goal for the military endeavors that followed in the Middle East: to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. And when his death was announced on Sunday, May 1, Americans broke out in jubilee.

NPREver since an NPR exec was caught on hidden camera genuflecting for a couple of fake representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and chuckling with glee when they suggested that NPR stood for National Palestinian Radio, the walls of the “public broadcasting” empire have been rattling.

Jan BrewerOn Thursday, April 28, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1406 into law. The bill authorizes the Grand Canyon State to enter into an interstate compact with other states to erect a security fence along the section of the border with Mexico that runs through that state.

Donald TrumpOn Thursday night, real estate mogul, Celebrity Apprentice host, and presidential hopeful Donald Trump unleashed a hailstorm of profanity during a speech at a Las Vegas casino, while assuring a rally of 1,000 people that he would soon announce his decision on a 2012 presidential run.

The New York Times has issued its ex cathedra pronouncement: The "birther" movement that forced President Obama to release a slightly more detailed version of his suspicious birth certificate is, at its core, racist.