Ron Paul is the true embodiment of a dark-horse candidate, at least in Iowa. He began in the polls with approval ratings of as low as four percent in that key state and has slowly but surely moved steadily into the frontrunner position there. The New York Times is now projecting him to be the clear winner in Iowa. But even as some mainstream media outlets are facing that reality, some are still clinging to a more fantastical reality where Ron Paul remains behind.

A new graphic emerged on this week featuring a "countdown clock" and the headline, "What $40 Means," followed by the alluring statement, "Tell us what that money means to you." Reinforcing its persistent drive to extend the payroll tax cut, the Obama White House has showcased a countdown ticker on its website heralding the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left until the payroll tax benefit expires, prefacing it with, "If the House doesn’t act, middle class taxes increase in…"

Last Friday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction issued by a lower federal court which blocks the enforcement against an abortion statute recently enacted by the state of Nebraska.

In July of last year, the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska handed down a preliminary injunction against the law known as the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Recently there has been much discussion of the eradication of the panoply of fundamental principles of liberty by the Congress and attempts to convert the President into a totalitarian dictator with historic powers to apprehend and indefinitely detain American citizens.

Ann Coulter, on a recent episode of the nighttime Fox News program Red Eye, said she would prefer Ron Paul as President to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, whom she has called a “big-government” conservative.