Hillary ClintonOn Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that peace negotiations in Afghanistan must include the Taliban if they are to be successful in achieving long term stability of the nation.

CongressPresident Barack Obama could not ask for a more helpful “opposition” party in charge of the House of Representatives. For the second time this month House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has maneuvered to prevent Congress from demanding that Obama abide by the Constitution’s requirement that wars be initiated by the legislative branch, not the executive. Furthermore, in seeking a middle ground between the patently irreconcilable options of enforcing the Constitution and adhering to the bipartisan consensus in favor of untrammeled presidential intervention abroad, Boehner has ensured that Obama’s illegal war in Libya continues indefinitely.

 Michele Bachmann�s (pictured, left) political style causes liberals to snarl, as in foaming-at-the-mouth, jaw-snapping, vicious, snarling.

Back to that one, shortly.

Although much of the nation�s attention has lately been focused on the struggle between President Obama and Republicans on the federal budget, many of the battles against big government and its assorted allies are being waged at the state level by the new Republican muscle.

The federal war on drugs is coming under attack from multiple angles, most recently with the introduction of a bill in Congress by conservative Rep. Ron Paul and liberal Rep. Barney Frank that would end the national prohibition on marijuana and allow states to set their own policies.