The Obama administration reinstated the federal “equitable sharing” program, where federal and state law enforcement work together to seize cash and other property allegedly used in criminal activity.






It's getting hard to keep up with the rollback of Second Amendment infringements across the country.

Operation Choke Point is an illegal and unconstitutional effort to use the banking system to attack legal industries that don't fit with the Obama administration's left-wing worldview. Now Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have offered legislation to curtail the program.

A ballot initiative in Colorado would replace ObamaCare with what supporters are calling ColoradoCare — and double the state's budget in the first year.

During a CBS News 60 Minutes program aired on April 10 called “28 Pages,” correspondent Bob Kroft asked former Democrat Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham about whether he thinks that 28 pages of the famous 9/11 Commission Report should be declassified. 

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