Senator Lisa Ann Murkowski of Alaska is portrayed by the liberal press as a “moderate Republican,” in contrast to the “conservative” label typically associated with most members of her party. But let's take a look at her voting record to see how "moderate" she actually is.

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright is facing attack ads from big business and challenge from three opponents for his opposition to crony capitalism and his support for bathrooms desigated for use by a person according to his biological sex.

Almost as soon as the third trial in the death of Freddie Gray was under way, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams ruled that prosecutors had withheld evidence which would help the defense. After the first two cases ended in a mistrial and an acquittal respectively, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby appears to have pulled out all stops — including legal ethics — in an effort to get get what has eluded her so far: a conviction in this case.

A team of libertarian and constitutionalist foreign policy experts have joined a team led by political activist Edward King in forming the Defense Priorities Foundation — a non-interventionist foreign policy think tank.

The 9th Circuit Court is one more reason why California is often referred to pejoratively as the "Left" Coast.

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