Is America destined to move from a two party system to a three or four party system? Is it moving towards a political system without political parties at all? The Huffington Post, with its predictable attack on the putative �Far Right,� with special venom reserved for the John Birch Society, suggests that the rise of the Tea Party has produced an attack from the Right on the Republican Party which may � with the Left disillusioned with Obama � lead to four political parties.

As the October session came to an end after Thanksgiving, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a First Amendment challenge to Arizona’s controversial campaign finance legislation.

It was bound to happen. The dramatic story of a Florida gunman opening fire on the Panama City school board is now being used as a talking point in the debate over gun control.

In Federalist #84, Alexander Hamilton asked, �For why declare that things shall not be done, which there is no power to do?� To Hamilton (and his co-authors, John Jay and James Madison) such a question made sense. How could the national government exercise authority not granted to it by the newly proposed Constitution? It could not, they insisted.

There is more to the overwhelming $1.1 trillion spending bill than what initially meets the eye, including $8 billion in earmarks. What�s worse is that the spending bill and presence of earmarks reveals the hypocrisy of elected officials who adamantly decried pork barrel politics and overspending.

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