Though National Public Radio’s CEO Vivian Schiller technically resigned from the leftist network after video recordings surfaced of another NPR executive calling Tea Party members racists, she did so under pressure from NPR’s board of directors. In other words, it was resign or be fired.

One of the most controversial political happenings of the political season, in the 112th Congress, is Republican Rep. Peter King’s launch of an inquiry probing the extent and nature of Radical Islam in the United States. Rep. King’s panel looks towards investigating radicalization in the American Muslim community, and Rep. King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, insists that the congressional hearings are "absolutely essential": "I am facing reality[;] my critics are not. Al Qaeda is changing its tactics. They realize that it's very difficult to attack from the outside[;] they're recruiting from within.

Residents of Miami-Dade County, Florida, beware: Big Brother may soon be watching you — even inside your house.

David SimpsonTexas state Representative David Simpson (R) is taking Texas-style aim at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with the filing of three bills in the State Legislature to stop TSA abuses.

As long as we have government, we will have government trying to find ways to get money. In the early days of our nation, when the needs of government were modest, the ways of raising revenue were modest as well.