As another U.S. missionary doctor serving in Liberia has come down with the Ebola virus, the head of the federal Centers for Disease Control declared that while the disease is “out of control” in West Africa, it poses no threat to the United States.

Rapid Trident, a joint military exercise conducted annually for the past few years by U.S. Army, NATO, and the Ukrainian military, will go ahead this month from September 16-26. The exercise was initially scheduled for July, but was delayed due to the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine.

If you thought discriminating against women could get you in trouble today, try treating them equally. Because as the Pennsylvania State Police has learned, this can now get you sued by the Department of Justice.


In their reports on the recent Arizona shooting tragedy, the major media leave out examples of kids who use guns responsibly.






In a settlement reached with plaintiffs represented by the ACLU on August 20, the federal government agreed to allow some illegal immigrants who returned to Mexico under the government’s “Voluntary Return” program to return to the United States.

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