In anticipation of the 2012 election season, President Obama�s campaign organization, Organizing for America, is preparing for Summer camp to recruit and train a new group of community organizers. The mission of the �Summer Organizing Fellowship� reads: �Effective organizing doesn�t happen in a vacuum. It takes commitment, time, and hard work to build a movement around a cause.�

As the intense protests in Wisconsin move into their second week, The New American took a look at Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed reforms, critics’ claims, as well as the fiscal situation of the state. It turns out state and local governments are facing massive deficits, and the unfunded government-employee pension liabilities are enormous. The so-called “budget repair bill” would aim to start solving some of the problems.

One of the most significant issues to arise in the immigration debate is the question of illegal immigrants utilizing taxpayer-funded social and human services that they are not legally entitled to, and that they do not contribute to, as illegal immigrants do not pay taxes that are used to finance such programs.

On Wednesday, February 16, the Idaho House became the first state legislative body to pass a measure to nullify the entire ObamaCare law within a state.

The measure, HB117, was sent to the state Senate by a vote of 49-20. Only seven Republicans voted against the bill along with all of the House Democrats.

Arizona has once again flexed its federalist muscle in defense of its state's rights against a federal government weak on immigration. Acknowledging that the federal government will not perform its constitutional and legal duty to defend the borders of the United States against the onslaught of foreign invasion — the constant influx of immigrants illegally entering the United States — the Grand Canyon State, under the stalwart leadership of Republican Governor Jan Brewer, has taken numerous steps toward safeguarding the border it shares with Mexico.