traffic cameraThe District of Columbia, like other metropolitan areas, has been using traffic cameras to catch motorists who speed or run red lights. It has even deployed surveillance cameras in neighborhoods. Moreover, if security officials have their way, both the number of cameras and the uses to which those cameras are put in the nation's capital will be ramped up.

The question of foreign aid is one that has pitted economists against politicians, special interest groups, and foreign policy demagogues for decades. No stranger to this controversy is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who like his father, Texas Representative Ron Paul (both Republicans), has proposed ending U.S.foreign aid to all countries, including Israel, a decision that has earned the scorn of numerous groups on both the Left and the Right.

Austin, Texas — known for Longhorns, live music, and legislative lollapaloozas — is poised to be the subject of a different kind of notoriety. The nationwide undertone of opposition to the TSA is surfacing in the state’s capitol city. Austin is developing a downright defiance of the agency’s shocking treatment of American air travelers into a cohesive defense of liberty.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's call to end foreign aid to all countries, including Israel, has raised much controversy in the past several weeks. Paul, a Republican and stalwart of the Tea Party movement, has been attacked for this decision and accused of being both anti-Israel and anti-Semitic by his detractors on both the Left and the Right, including in his own party.

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion factory, has fired the employee caught on videotape advising undercover pro-life activists about procuring abortions and contraception for underage illegal-alien prostitutes.