Last November, voters sent a message to politicians — make some changes! So Texas State Representative David Simpson (pictured, left) took it to heart by taking on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with his immediate filing of three bills that will stop TSA abuses of air travelers if passed. May 4, Simpson’s office issued a press release about the status of these important bills, noting that it has attracted support from the majority of the Texas House. If successful in the Lone Star State, there’s a good chance other states will take heart and initiate similar laws. Alaska, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, already have legislation pending to stop the TSA and other security agencies from violating travelers’ dignity.

On Wednesday morning, the final lineup was announced for the GOP presidential contender debate, set to take place in South Carolina on Thursday. It will include former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Texas Representative Ron Paul (left), former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

Members of Congress seem to have found one issue on which the support is bipartisan: lowering corporate tax rates in order to stimulate the economy and help create jobs. Democratic and Republican strategists report that the two parties are working together to advance such an agenda.

Politico reports:

In an interview with RT (previously known as Russia Today), WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (left) claims that the information released on his website is just the beginning. He said that soon the flow of formerly secret documents will resume.

The recently released report from the Government Accountability Office that calculates the cost of incarcerating criminal aliens contains a shocking revelation: Three of the men on a national security list of aliens convicted of terrorism or related offenses landed citizenship after their convictions.

The news is buried on page 33 of the 71-page report, and GAO puts the best gloss on the revelation that it can.