The field of Republican potential candidates for Barack Obama's job changes almost daily, as one possibility or another announces he will not run and another makes it official he will. Over the past weekend, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels took himself out of the presidential picture and on Monday former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlwenty made his long-anticipated announcement that he is, indeed, in the running.

The Obama reelection campaign is digging for �dirt� on Republican Chris Christie, the New York Post reported Monday, despite the New Jersey governor's repeated pronouncements that he will not be a candidate for President in 2012. The campaign team is doing "opposition research" in case Christie changes his mind, the Post said in reporting the "Obama operatives are compiling a dossier" on the governor. "Obama's campaign manager, Jim Messina, did not respond to messages," the report said.

The conditions in California's prisons violate the Eighth Amendment's ban on "cruel and unusual punishment," the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday in a 5-4 decision, upholding a federal court order to reduce the state's prison population by at least 30,000 within the next two years.

moneyThe federal government has nearly maxed out its credit card — for now. The national debt is fast approaching the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling and only managed to avoid hitting it on May 16 because of “extraordinary measures” taken by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. According to Geithner, the debt will now reach the limit on August 2. He is urging Congress to increase the limit and allow Treasury to issue more bonds. The alternative, he says, is a doomsday scenario.

The Obama administration is threatening to cut off federal support for Medicaid recipients in Indiana if the state continues to implement a new law ending some tax subsidies for abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood, various news outlets reported.