While those on the Left are often the ones who preach tolerance and open-mindedness, they seem to be the very same individuals who work to silence opposition. For example, unhappy with the increased presence of conservatives on talk radio, liberals have called for the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which would force a balance of liberalism and conservatism on talk radio. (Of course, it is those very same people who refuse to admit that stations such as MSNBC are puppets for the Left, but I digress.)

After both houses of the Wisconsin legislature voted to approve a reform bill limiting some bargaining privileges of powerful government-sector unions, protesters exploded in a furious rage that included numerous reports of death threats to Republican lawmakers, breaking of windows at the Capitol building, mass chaos, and more.

Texas State Representative David Simpson (R-7th District), who recently introduced three bills — H.B.1937, H.B 1938, and Concurrent Resolution 80 — in the Texas Legislature to restrain the abusive screenings of Texas air travelers by the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA), has issued a press release regarding the impact of the measures.

In recent weeks, the American news media have carried numerous reports on the inability of the federal government to stop the flow of firearms from the United States to Mexico. For example, a recent story from the Associated Press repeated the findings from a 2008 study by The Brookings Institution which declared that “2,000 American guns are smuggled into Mexico each day.”

In March 2006, the Intelligence Branch of the Federal Protective Service of the Department of Homeland Security’s Threat Management Division issued a “Protective Intelligence Bulletin” that listed a variety of peaceful advocacy groups and included a “Civil Activists and Extremists Action Calendar” with details of their then-upcoming demonstrations. The bulletin stated that it had been “retrieved from the INTERNET via one of the many news media reporting services” and was “being provided … for SITUATIONAL AWARENESS in the law enforcement/government security/force protection arena.”