One reason the U.S. Government debt has rocketed into the fiscal stratosphere, the Center for Public Integrity reports, is that the Obama administration has increased the government's fleet of limousines by 73 percent. It's a small reason, admittedly. But it's a reason nonetheless.

The Obama regime has added 174 limousines in which federal functionaries can ride in style. That increases the number from 238, during the profligate years of Bush the Spender, to 412 today.

A local church in Charlotte, North Carolina, learned the hard way that arborilogical endeavors can be expensive after receiving an excessive fine for improperly pruning its trees. The city of Charlotte fined the Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church $100 per branch cut for excessive pruning, amounting to a total violation of $4,000.

While the U.S. Senate continues to enjoy a full week of vacation, the U.S. House of Representatives has resumed regular business and plans to begin the annual appropriations process of voting on 13 appropriations bills, the first of which is the Homeland Security bill and the Military Construction and Veterans’ Affairs bill. The House will also be voting on a bill to increase the debt ceiling later this evening.

Fearful of the potential 5-4 outcome many are suspecting will come of the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s signature healthcare law, Democratic lawmakers are doing their best to convince Justice Clarence Thomas to gracefully bow out of the case that is expected to come before the Supreme Court within the year.

And just for safe measure, one so-called “election watchdog” has demanded an FBI investigation of Justice Thomas’s 2010 campaign finance ruling.

Stephen Moore’s math in his Wall Street Journal article is compelling: by the time the Democrats' proposed three-percent surtax on incomes over $1 million a year is added to all the other taxes people pay, those at the high end would be paying 62 percent of their income in federal and state income taxes.