Money that was allocated for increasing small business loans will instead be used to repay federal bailouts, according to an official at the Treasury Department who oversees the bailout program. The Associated Press explains:

On Monday President Obama received an award for transparency, which ironically was given to him during a closed, unannounced meeting. Bestowed upon the President from a group of transparency advocates, the ceremony took place in secret, even though � as of two weeks ago � it was supposed to be open to the press.

The most recent Gallup poll reveals surprising figures that could potentially impact the 2012 presidential election. It shows that self-described conservatives now outnumber self-desribed liberals nationally, even in traditionally liberal states.

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) is coming under fire from pro-life advocates for comments he made at a recent rally Planned Parenthood staged to save taxpayer funding for its abortion business.

As states across the nation have begun to reclaim their rights through nullification and lawsuits, Alaska has embarked on its own dispute with the federal government to assert its rights as they pertain to endangered species. In fact, the Last Frontier has gone so far as to describe its protracted legal battles with the federal government in its annual law report.