The headline in the September 14 Washington Post sounded ominous for the Republicans: �Tea party wins in northeastern primaries could bode well for Democrats.� The article continued with a pessimistic tone for the GOP, should Tea Party-backed candidates win against establishment Republicans in Tuesday�s primary:

The Justice Department’s failure to prosecute the 2008 Black Panther voter intimidation case has prompted the Department of Justice’s internal watchdog to launch an investigation into the DOJ’s enforcement of civil rights laws.

correction PleaseItem: In the early years of the Depression, write Robert Dreier and Donald Cohen in an article entitled “Ignore the fear-mongering on Social Security,” in the Los Angeles Times for August 14, “most business leaders and conservatives considered the very idea that government had a moral responsibility to help senior citizens retire with dignity to be outrageously radical, a dangerous trampling of individual liberty. They predicted that the Social Security tax would bankrupt the country.”

On August 23, Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the U.S. government from funding research involving embryonic stem cells as ordered by President Barack Obama in 2009.

On March 9, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), referring to the then-pending ObamaCare legislation, said that Congress “[has] to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it, away from the fog of controversy.” Congress passed the bill shortly thereafter, and Americans have been finding out what’s in it ever since — to the dismay of both average Americans and Democratic politicians, whose poll numbers have fallen steadily since the bill became law.

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