A six-month investigation by USA Today uncovered a pattern of “serious, glaring misconduct” among federal prosecutors, whose abuses have resulted in innocent citizens being put in prison and countless wasted tax dollars, the paper revealed late last week. The probe is grabbing headlines and making waves across the country.

last wordNewspaper headlines and lead-ins on TV news programs no longer feature daily coverage of the plans to build a mosque and Islamic center near Manhattan�s Ground Zero. But the controversy about the proposed project, only two blocks from the scene of the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers, isn�t dead. In fact, the outcome appears to be headed in favor of what the project�s backers have always wanted.

protest against FBI raidsMembers of left-wing war protest organizations plan vigorous protests Monday and Tuesday after a series of FBI raids on September 24 against the homes of war protesters in Chicago, Minnesota, Michigan, and North Carolina. No one was arrested in the raids, though FBI officials seized dozens of boxes of personal effects, mainly electronics and letters, from the houses. The FBI said they expected no arrests from the searches under a grand jury inquiry on what officials termed an investigation on �material support for terrorism."

New Hampshire Republicans were on the warpath when they gathered at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord on September 25 to rally their troops and vent their wrath at the Democrats who, they say, are leading the state and the nation to ruin. Led by former governor John H. Sununu, who was chief of staff to former President George H. W. Bush, candidates John Stephen for governor, Kelly Ayotte for U.S. Senate and Frank Guinta and Charles Bass for the U.S. House, New Hampshire candidates and the roughly 300 delegates to the state GOP convention gave every indication of believing this is going to be a winning year for Republicans.

Voice of America News reported on September 27 that Afghan and NATO forces engaged in Operation Dragon Strike are conducting a major push to drive Taliban militants out of their stronghold around the southern city of Kandahar.
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