As recounted last year in The New American, the American Constitution Party (ACP) has achieved major party status in Colorado, due in large part to the campaign for Governor of Tom Tancredo (left), former Republican Congressman from the state. Ironically, now that the ACP has gained this level of official acceptance, the red tape associated with maintaining this existence is discouraging it from getting comfortable in the new role as a legitimate alternative and besides, it's expensive to buy into this high-stakes game.

On Friday the Obama administration announced that it will make at least $1.3 billion available to female and Hispanic farmers in order to settle discrimination complaints those groups have filed against the Department of Agriculture.

A group of GOP congressmen are appealing to President Obama to oppose a complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against Seattle-based aerospace and defense giant, Boeing, Inc.

Ryan budgetItem:In The Hill for April 6, Representative Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), the second-ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, wrote an op-ed entitled “Seniors, Say Goodbye to Your Healthcare,” charging that “the Republican budget dismantles Medicare as we know it — forcing seniors to purchase insurance on their own, no matter the cost or how sick they are. Their proposal slashes Medicaid by $1 trillion — threatening our sickest seniors and disabled Americans with no option for long-term care.”


House Speaker John Boehner�s speech to the Economic Club of New York on Monday night revealed much about the pressures he is facing in the fight over increasing the debt ceiling. In attendance were investors, bankers, and other Wall Street suits looking for reassurance that Congress wasn�t going to spoil their party by taking away their punch bowl of profligate government spending, but also that any cuts in spending would be modest and deferred into the future. Such reassurance would keep interest rates low, bond prices high, and commissions and fees flowing in their direction.