Communist propaganda organs reported with glee that at least some Wisconsin police were refusing to enforce lawful orders to evict anti-reform protestors from the Capitol building in Madison. Instead, the law-enforcement officers, egged on by their union, chose to side with the coalition of government-employee labor groups, socialists, and other leftist organizations that have staged protests over the last two weeks against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to rein in a massive budget deficit.

If the demographer from Rice University is right, the demise of "Anglos" in Texas is unstoppable and the rise of a population dominated by Hispanics will adversely affect the economic fortunes of the Lone Star State.

IslamMuslims who support Shariah (Islamic) law are planning to march in Washingrton, D.C. on Thursday, March 3 to bring Shariah law “directly to the doorsteps of the United States of America.” The "Shariah4America" march was planned by radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, who in a recent appearance on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News declared Americans to be “the biggest criminals in the world today.” Similarly, Choudary said last October that “the flag of Islam will one day fly over the White House.”

Nevada�s Democratic U.S. Senator, Harry Reid, said his state should close its brothels. Nevada currently is the only state where prostitution is legal and licensed, with the state government overseeing the �industry.�

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has far exceeded the expectations and hopes of conservatives across the United States. With his bold advocacy for the principles of limited, constitutional government, he has taken the country by storm. One of the most popular figures on the Tea Party circuit, Paul is emerging in the public eye as the de facto leader of the movement to reclaim America and return the federal government to its constitutional roots.