Georgia state capitolGeorgia’s new law targeting illegal aliens is working — even before it goes into effect on July 1. Illegal aliens are already scampering out of the state, just as the law's proponents expected would happen. But leftists have filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop implementation of the new law.

PanettaOn Thursday, June 9, the U.S. Senate conducted confirmation hearings on current CIA Director and former U.S. Congressman Leon E. Panetta (D-Calif.), who has been nominated by President Barack Obama to replace Bush-era appointee Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. Obama's nomination of Panetta was originally announced on April 28, when the President announced that he would be making changes to his National Security team.

As Americans are already struggling with unemployment and inflation, Democrats are seeking to increase revenue, i.e. tax hikes, in order to avoid a default as Congress continues to debate the debt ceiling. Republicans have remained steadfastly opposed to any tax increases, which has ultimately resulted in a standoff between the two parties.

Congressional Democrats have adamantly supported tax increases on the wealthiest Americans, but Republicans argue that such increases would hurt job growth, and have instead advocated changes to entitlement programs.

Ever astute, the political observers at have noted that the "resignation of (Newt) Gingrich's top men in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina would appear to be ... not good for his chances there." Or here, or there, either. The next sentence is more interesting. "Likewise the presence on the list of two advisers close to (Texas Governor) Rick Perry will only fuel speculation that Perry will seek the nomination himself."

One of the most egregious crimes of statist politics is to hold the few important government services hostage to layers and layers of pork. So when a government shutdown lurks at the federal level, the first offices to close are the national parks and memorials or the Coast Guard or some other financial micron in the federal budget that is actually valued by the public.