The Koran isn’t the only book about to be burned. Officials at the Department of Defense, worried that a new memoir on the Afghan War might contain sensitive intelligence data, plan to buy all 10,000 copies of the book and destroy them.

Few were surprised when President Obama replaced Christina Romer, chair of his Council of Economic Advisers, with another statist economist, Austan Goolsbee. Goolsbee is the architect of Obama�s failed economic policies and programs, having served as the executive director of the President�s Economic Recovery Advisory Board from the beginning.

Billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump offered to buy out the controlling investor of the controversial mosque proposed to be built at Ground Zero. According to AOL News, “Trump informed Hisham Elzanaty of his decision to offer him cash for his stake in the project so that it could be relocated to a part of the city that is farther from the site of the 9/11 terror attacks.” Shortly after the story went public, however, Elzanaty rejected Trump’s offer.

Shipping ContaintersThe China Daily US Edition reported on September 7 that "China will 'vigorously' expand its imports of key products as the nation strives to cut its trade surplus amid growing protectionism against the world's largest exporter."


On September 20, a meeting will convene at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to review progress made by member nations on the achievement of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG were derived from the eight chapters of the United Nations Millennium Declaration signed in September 2000. The date set for complete and worldwide reaching of the eight goals is 2015.