“Keep Austin Weird,” the city motto of the Texas state capital, got a boost Saturday when the city’s second annual, no-questions-asked, “Guns4Groceries” campaign attracted a gun rights group which outbid the city for guns in order to put them back into residents’ hands.

In its most recent survey of state political climates, the Gallup polling organization has found Mississippi to be the most conservative state in America, with 50.5 percent of its residents identifying themselves as such.

demonstrationA broad coalition of socialists, communists, government-employee unions and leftist special-interest groups held “Save the American Dream” rallies in all 50 state capitals and other cities across the nation over this past weekend in support of anti-reform Wisconsin protestors, who simultaneously held what according to police was the biggest demonstration in two weeks of intense protests in Madison. And organizers say it’s just the beginning.

In one of the most controversial, but many say common-sense, moves related to campus violence and Second Amendment rights, the state of Texas is considering legislation that would allow students, professors, teachers, and other personnel to carry firearms on the campuses of elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as those of colleges and universities — without any violations or punishments.

The FBI arrested Saudi “student” Khalid Aldawsari before he had the chance to plant bombs at “nice targets” in the United States last week, but at least one major media outlet and the Muslim community in Lubbock, Texas, seem more worried about the “backlash” that will adversely affect Muslims than they are about the potential damage Aldawsari could have done.