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Tea Party rallyMedia accounts of the Tea Party phenomenon generally associate the movement with the Republican Party. However, a public opinion poll released the beginning of April found that the Tea Party may be less Republican than many assume. According to the poll, though a majority (57 percent) of Tea Partiers call themselves Republican, 28 percent identify themselves as Independent and another 13 percent as Democrat.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to law-enforcement officers in Western Texas that a Mexican gang may be seeking to assassinate them in retaliation for a “sweep” conducted last month that produced more than 50 arrests.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a U.S. State Department official said that Mohammed al-Madadi will likely be transferred or even sent home, following his disruption of United Airlines Flight 663 on Wednesday, April 7. The Department has conveyed the seriousness of the matter to the Qatari government. Al-Madadi is the embassy’s “third secretary” to the United States. Though a relatively minor position it remains a coveted one, and as he was flying on official business it also granted him diplomatic immunity.

On Monday, ABC News reported that liberals have grown frustrated with the efforts made by Fox News, and Glenn Beck in particular, to expose their true agenda. Teddy Davis writes, “Fox News host Glenn Beck has been targeting liberals for years but labor unions and other progressive groups are beginning to fight back.” 

Lloyd MarcusIn the hubbub of recent articles and arguments about supposed racism in the Tea Party Movement — and conservatism in general — there is much mention of the anti-Obamacare rally held in Washington D.C. on the weekend of last month’s healthcare vote.

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