The National Review Online recently published an article by Kevin D. Williamson wherein he posits that Congressman Ron Paul is juking to the left on immigration in anticipation of his upcoming race for the White House.

A county judge whose son has worked for the SEIU and the AFL-CIO struck down a Wisconsin law that would have limited some of the collective-bargaining privileges of government-employee unions, sparking outrage from lawmakers who are determined to salvage the legislation in an effort to tackle the state‘s multi-billion dollar budget crisis. But despite the ruling, the battle over reform is still far from over.

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to ban the use of federal money for the purpose of training doctors in abortion procedures. Authored by Representative Virginia Foxx (left) (R-N.C.), the measure is one of the latest Republican efforts targeting abortions.

National Right to Life reports:

Los AngelesThe "Nullify Now!" tour heads to Los Angeles, California this weekend and promises to include great speakers, local musicians, and grassroot activism for liberty. Set to take place at the ATT Tower Penthouse on Saturday at 4 p.m., the event will focus on a number of current issues plaguing the United States, including inflation as a result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies, the unconstitutional privacy invasions at the airports, and the war on drugs. Saturday’s event will not only analyze these issues, but all offers a simple solution: state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws such as ObamaCare.

Justin AmashThe U.S. House of Representatives failed to remove a provision from the annual Defense Authorization bill that would give the President virtually unlimited war-making power, rejecting an amendment by freshman Republican Justin Amash of Michigan by a 187-234 vote May 26.